Frequently asked questions

Q: What is diem and how does it work?

It is a content platform that serves up personalized and relevant content to provide users with the tools to live a better, more fulfilling life. Diem understands your interests and goals (both big and small) and curates content in a variety of formats, that empowers you to squeeze more out of life.

Q: What can I use it for?

Start by telling us what interests you most, and the things in life that bring you the greatest joy and we’ll get to work, curating a feed of interesting and relevant content to inspire you daily. We will provide you with the tools to take action, so you can live a more fulfilled life. Whether you want to experiment with cooking, train for a half marathon, pick up Spanish or spend more quality time with you friends, we’ll be your daily reminder to focus on the things that bring you happiness in life.

Q: How does diem know what I care about?

Magic! No, not really, but sometimes it may feel that way. Diem uses algorithms to analyze your past and current to-dos and questionnaires to build an accurate picture of who you are and what kind of things you like. The more we learn about you, the more we’re able to provide you with personalized and meaningful tips. That’s why we also allow you to connect any accounts you already use, whether it be iOS Reminders or Wunderlist, so that we can provide helpful information in the background.

Q: What about my privacy?

If you’re concerned that diem knows a lot of information about you, not to worry. We take your privacy very seriously and we never collect any information about you that you don’t personally provide. In addition, your user data is secure and encrypted and not shared with anyone so there is no way for your information to be compromised or misused.